Bent u op zoek naar iets anders?
Laat je meenemen op een smaakreis van zilt naar zoet.
Ontdek wat oesters, gin, frozen G&T en onze signature cocktail met je kunnen doen.
Seafarm Oesters

#1 have a fresh surplace cracked oyster

let the oyster go through your mouth & chew it

Chew until you taste the sweets aside the saline notes. Find out about the story of the naturally purified salty spring water from National Park the Oosterschelde for the oysters & for he gin.

Oesters & Gin

#2 put a shot of Hermit in the oyster shell

slowly drink it & look for the botanicals

Discover the smooth, fresh and vibrant gin with a surprising touch of saltiness.
We use as many as eight botanicals for extra depth and complexity, find them all.

Frozen Gin & Tonic

#3 finish it with Hermit Frozen G&T in the oyster shell

slowly sip it up & taste the concentrated G&T

Your taste buds will go crazy, from salt to sweet in 60sec!

Oesters & Gin

#4 Hermit signature cocktail

After this taste rollercoaster, finish it with our refreshing & vibrant signature cocktail.

Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin
Fever – Tree Mediterranean tonic water
Ice cubes – Samphire grass – Grapefruit slice

Informatie of een prijsopgaaf ontvangen?

vul je gegevens in en ontvang vrijblijvend een voorstel

aantal oesters

Wij openen ca 100 oesters per uur / per oesterman.

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